Visit Albright College!

Thank you for your interest in visiting with us, whether in-person or virtually. Please use the calendar to schedule a session that fits best for you.

On-Campus Visitation Policies

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Prospective students and their families are welcome to visit campus. Please read all of the information on this page as restrictions are in place. Students are limited to two additional family members per visit. All visits are by appointment only.

Prior to departing for campus:

Visitors will be asked to conduct a well-being self-check to monitor for symptoms of COVID-19. Prospective students will confirm that:
  •  No member of their visiting group has a temperature of 100.4˚ F or higher.
  •  No member of their visiting group is currently exhibiting symptoms related to COVID-19.
  •  No member of their visiting group has come into contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of their visit.
If visitors or their guests cannot confirm each condition about has been met, they will be asked to reschedule their visit for a later date or connect with us via a virtual visit. We also ask that visitors follow guidance of their local public health officials regarding travel restrictions and other instructions.


Based on current CDC guidelines, fully vaccinated individuals will not be required to wear masks in most public indoor places. However, masking and three-foot social distancing may be required in certain places or circumstances on Albright’s campus.
Individuals who are not fully vaccinated will be required to wear masks as recommended by the CDC, continue to practice three feet of social distancing in all circumstances, and replace shaking hands, hugs and physical touching with verbal appreciation.
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